Little about Folkecenter...

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy was established in 1983 with the aim of paving the way for an increased usage of renewable energies. Decentralization and local ownership have always been a big focus for the center, because we believe that the energy transition can also be a mindset transition, where all, and not just few, can benefit from clean resources.

Furthermore, we carry out research, development and communication with small- and medium-size enterprises in mind.

The center develops tools for local energy supply from sustainable sources, performs tests and promotes information and knowledge dissemination about renewable energy.

The New Tasks

Research for the pure sake of research is worthless, which is why Folkecenter tries to apply new concepts and ideas in practice: this is done in a wide variety of fields, be them related to energy production, waste handling, efficient usage of resources, building industry or transport.

The multifaceted approach leads to constant improvements to our village for green research, the area where Folkecenter is located. Most of the installations visible on the map above have already been realized, but ideas keep on appearing and we want to constantly improve the experience of our visitors. Yes, it's true! All the installations are testing facilities themselves, but they can also be visited by anyone interested, be it an individual person or a group. Our goal is not only to showcase solutions, but also to inspire people, activity which we are carrying out quite well, considering that every year 5,000+ people from all over the world and from all kind of backgrounds visit Folkecenter.

New Task

Developing world

The World Around

Developed countries waste a lot of energy and resources, which is why they should be considered accountable for the CO2 emissions and be more active in reducing them. On the other hand, many people in the world do not have access to electricity, with all the limitations to it connected.

It is clear that renewable energies have a huge potential in developing countries, because they can be used for illumination, water pumping, cooking and for working more efficiently. There is therefore the need for new solutions and for the optimization of the current ones: maybe small installations should be prefered, which is a concept we are still not very aware in Europe.

Our vision is to establish a wide network of associations around the world, which could help us further developing and spreading solutions which are good both for the environment and for countries' development.


Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy is a self-standing institution which receives support from the state and from local actors. A well-motivated team works in Folkecenter in a dynamic and challenging environment, developing a series of nice energy solutions for Denmark and abroad.

The board has the overall responsibility for Folkecenter and it is composed by members of the support group, interested organizations with links to energy and environment and by people from the state and from municipalities. An executive commitee has, together with the director, the responsibility for Folkecenter's daily operations.

Folkecenter's statute can be found here.

New Task

Folkecenter needs you

Interested in being Part of it?

It can be as cheap as 100 DKK (14 €) per year to be part of the support group. If you think that what we are doing is good, than be part of it and help us in this journey of turning vision into reality! As a member, you will get the following benefits:

  • Invitation to the yearly general assembly;
  • Possibility to elect 6 out of 11 board members;
  • Invitation to our yearly Christmas dinner;
  • Invitation to our events;
  • Possibility to become member of our Folkecenter Facebook group;
  • Subscription to our newsletter, to always be informed about our activities;
  • Possibility (if you are a company) to participate for free (or with a discount) to our Company Meeting Events which run together with conferences and other activities organized by Folkecenter;

How much does it cost to Support us?

Type Yearly Fee (DKK) Yearly Fee (€)
Individual person 100 14
Household 200 27
Companies 1,000 135
Educational institutions 1,000 135
Associations & organizations 1,000 135