License Agreements

Folkecenter offers a technology transfer package that consists of:

  • General consultancy regarding production and marketing.
  • Transfer of technical documentation including specifications and drawings.
  • Installation, operation & maintenance, quality assurance procedures, etc.
  • Supervision of local production, including selection of sub suppliers and preferred components.
  • Training of staff (manufacturing, procurement of components, assembly, testing)

Folkecenter has for more than twenty years developed several renewable energy concepts including state of the art technology, always with complete documentation for production and certification.The property rights for the design, construction and engineering manuals of the technologies offered belong to the Folkecenter.

Folkecenter has designed and engineered windmills of various sizes and applications, biogas digesters, biofuel and hydrogen for transport, etc. and various components. See the inventory below.

Through licence agreements Folkecenter offers worldwide assistancets to companies that are planning to establish production of renewable energy products. Whether it is a windmill or biogas digester support is provided from selection of concept through design and engineering up to the product enters manufacturing - with the brand and logo of the producer.

Folkecenter offers comprehensive support to prospective windmill manufacturers not least in future markets in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the developing countries. The concepts and designs are available in various configurations and are being adapted to the needs of the customer.

A license agreement for production and marketing in a given area is offered against a fee that is usually in the form of an initial down payment and a payment related to the production.

Folkecenter has over the years sold licences worldwide

Signing of an agreement of cooperation and manufacturing of biogas digesters between Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kobe, Japan and Folkecenter.

Project meeting between Folkecenter and representatives of Yantarenergo, the local electric utility company, Kaliningrad, at the Baltic Sea.

A new windmill partly manufactured under licence in Gdansk, Poland is inaugurated at Swarzewo, Poland. Speech by Jens Jensen, chairman of Folkecenter