The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy is a non-profit, independent, organization that provides research, development of technology, training and information for the manufacture, industrial innovation and implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy savings in Denmark and throughout the world. Folkecenter intends to achieve measurable increases in the utilization of renewable energy technologies and thereby significant reductions in environmental pollution associated with energy use in Denmark and elsewhere. It obtains support from local authorities, national and international agencies, and the industry. The ultimate long term purpose is a complete replacement of fossil fuels and atomic power with renewable energies.

Folkecenter works on four major fronts:

  1. Development and implementation of renewable energy systems: small scale wind power innovation and design; advanced generator construction; farm biogas design, and demonstration; CO2 neutral transportation with hydrogen and plant oil; solar architecture and integration of solar cells in buildings; wave energy testing.
  2. As consultant to manufacturers, local consumer groups, and relevant initiators within renewable energy.
  3. Disseminating information on renewable energy in Denmark and elsewhere, to trainees; concerned citizen groups; and political decision makers focusing on decentralized solutions.
  4. The Village for Green Research, where Folkecenter is situated, demonstrates practical examples of integration of several energy solutions, solar housing, water recycling systems etc. as an experimental and functional example of a future ecological society.

See Certificate of Registration for Folkecenter here.