From France to Learn About Community Power


By Daniele Pagani




Yesterday, February 23rd, Nordic Folkecenter received the visit from a student who wanted to know more about community power. Maelle Caussarieu, this is her name, comes from France, where she studied a bachelor on Urban Planning at the Université de Rennes 2.

Once she finished her studies in her home country, she decided to start the master on Sustainable Cities offered by Aalborg University in Copenhagen. At the beginning of her studies, she focused mostly on the technical part of wind energy, but afterwards she started to develop also an interest for the social and governance part. In particular, she decided to put her attention on the acceptance of wind power, a topic which is too often forgotten. According to Maelle, people tend not to see that as an important topic, but it is a crucial aspect to consider when planning wind energy. For this reason, she decided to write her master thesis on wind community power.

During the process of data collection she decided to visit Nordic Folkecenter, in order to have a proper overview on what is the current situation with acceptance for windmills. -There is a lot of literature available on the topic – said Maelle -but most of it is outdated. It is for this reason that I decided to visit Folkecenter, so that I could be aware of the latest information available on the topic-.

Jane Kruse, director of Folkecenter, Leire Gorroño, community power expert and Henning Bo Madsen, energy expert from NOAH were in a meeting with Maelle for almost four hours, during which she got an answer to her questions and received a considerable amount of additional information which will be useful for her thesis.

Maelle was really impressed of her visit at Folkecenter, and would like to recommend it to everyone who is interested in renewable energy.

Nordic Folkecenter is very active in the community power topic. More information can be found in the Community Wind Power for the World brochure, available in the links below.


From left: Maelle Caussarieu, Alexander Johannsen Machain, trainee, Henning Bo Madsen, energy expert from NOAH, Jane Kruse, director of Folkecenter and Leire Gorroño, community power expert


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