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Events 2017

International Workshop for a Cheap Hydrogen Kitchen

12-19 June, 2016


Istanbul, Turkey May 26-28 2016

Preben Maegaard 80 Years

September 18-20

Climate Innovation Day

June 23 in Paris


Jerusalem, 26 - 28 October, 2015


28 - 30 May 2015, EUROSOLAR Turkey

Nuclear Waste Conference

Tuesday, March 24th in the Danish parliament building, Christiansborg

Thy Master Class 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 3:00pm

Nordic Biogas Conference 2014

Date 27 Aug 2014 – 29 Aug 2014


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Light over Africa

New Book by Folkecenter



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KAL News December 2017

News from Uganda Fall 2017

EAP News February 2017

KAL News March 2017

KAL News January 2017

News from JEEP Uganda

The Sun Generator: Now on Sale!

After three successful workshops, the Sun Generator is finally available for purchase. It is now possible for everyone to buy a 250 W generator, which will allow you to power different kind of devices directly with solar energy.

Folkecenter Trainees Assist Danish Company in Testing New PV Applications

Anker Mardal (Energivagt), a Danish inventor, has developed a new technology so that photovoltaic panels (PV) can be used also in areas where the grid connection is not available.

Conference on Micro Business

A Mediterranean Garden in Denmark

Have you ever considered to grow chili in Denmark? What about grapes or roses? If you think that it is not possible, just check the pictures below. All the picture were taken in the last few days, and they clearly show that Nordic Folkecenter has succeeded in this experiment.



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80 E-days Around the World

The 80edays started on June 16 th from the Arc del Triomf, in Barcelona, and ended in the same place on the 12 th of September, beating all the previous records.

Fly towards the Future with Renewables!

“The future belongs to renewables!”: this is not anymore a mere statement, but a reality, thanks to the pioneers behind the Solar Impulse project.

Walking the Path Towards 100 Renewable Energy in Myanmar

Myanmar is experiencing big changes, not least in its energy sector. Here renewable energies and energy efficiency are not seen just as part of building a sustainable future, they are essential for the urgently needed improvement in quality of life. Lack of electricity access and the use of traditional biomass for cooking in many slums and rural areas imply a big challenge for this country, as for many other developing countries. Aung Phonn Kyaw, former trainee at Folkecenter in the fall semester of 2015, is well aware of this.



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News February 2017

Today, February 23rd, Nordic Folkecenter received the visit from a student who wanted to know more about community power. Maelle Caussarieu, this is her name, comes from France, where she studied a bachelor on Urban Planning at the Université de Rennes 2.

Turkish Delegation Visits Folkecenter for Learning about Community Power

The delegation consisted of five people for each of the four Turkish communities (Diyarbakır, Van, Çanakkale and Burdur) involved in the project. The participants were policy makers, municipality representer, local organizations and associations, university professors and engineers.

High School Students Visit Folkecenter

Nordic Folkecenter is not only a destination for energy experts, but it is also visited by many people who are not in the energy sector, yet.

When They Come Back…

Sjouke is only one of the cases of Folkecenter's trainees who built their career around renewable energy topics: other former trainees are now experts in a particular renewable technology, professors in universities and, as Sjouke, entrepreneurs in the renewable energy field.

Solar Power Expert Explains his Achievements in Mali Folkecenter

Dr. Ibrahim Togola, founder and director of Mali Folkecenter, visited Nordic Folkecenter for explaining his achievements in rural electrification

French Law Student Researching about Wind Energy in Denmark Makes a Stop at Folkecenter



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