KAL News December 2017



Final visit to JEEP, Joint Energy and Environment Projects, Uganda
29 November - 8 December 2017, representatives of Nordic Folkecenter visited the KAL project in Uganda, financed by CISU.
KAL is an abbreviation of Knowledge, Advocacy & Lobbying for the Benefits of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation in Uganda and takes place in the period 2014 - 2017.

Read brochure about KAL project here.

JEEP Folkecenter
There are 13 part-time employees, administrative / trainers + 1 on maternity leave, 2 volunteers - one takes care of soap production and one is from the German NGO Artefact and competent with IT, as well as 4 practical staff and 1 affiliated driver when fieldwork.
The KAL project was the last in a series of 4 projects, the first of which started October 2007.

JEEP Uganda, staff members