November 2015

6th international 100 % renewable energy conference in Istanbul, Turkey May 26-28 2016



The topic for the conference is Transition to Ecological and Democratic Societies Using 100% Renewable Community Power.

Transition of communities, islands, countries and regions to 100% Renewable Energy (RE) can be realized only by the local, national and regional governments which are on the solution side.

Renewable Energy Association of Turkey (EUROSOLAR Turkey) arranges the annual International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2016).

IRENEC conferences provide an international platform for the sharing of knowledge and ideas regarding the technical, economic, and political aspects of the transition to 100% Renewable Energy and for building the networks to realize this vision through industry, architecture, transportation, local communities and training.

Conference subjects include:
- Energy Transition

- Economic, Environmental & Policy Issues for Energy

- Wind Energy

- Biomass

- Local or Global Level Actions in Shifting to 100% 

-  “Energy Efficiency” & “Zero/PLus Energy” Concept in Architecture

- Solar Energy

- Geothermal

- Ocean Energy

- Shifting to 100% Renewables in Sectors

- Clean Transportation Technologies & Strategies

- Photovoltaic

- Hydrogen & Fuel Cells


See poster for IRENEC 2016.