Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Mali


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Mali Folkecenter

Mali Folkecenter Nyetaa

Mali Folkcenter Nyetaa (MFC) was founded in 1999 by Ibrahim Togola, a former trainee at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. The purpose of the MFC is to increase awareness and use of renewable energy. MFC has over the years done many projects in cooperation with foreign donors in photovoltaic, vegetable oil, fighting climate change, capacity building and much more. There are working 20 to 25 persons in the MFC headquarters, but in total there are 30 to 40 employees. The formal working hours at MFC is from 8:15am – 5 pm, but the staff is very flexible and work many more hours and at many other times. There is a constantly 3 guards outside MFC’s main building, both day and night, which is necessary for security reasons. Besides the employees MFC also has trainees from both Mali and abroad, usually at a six-month stay. Currently (March 2010) are there two international trainees, one from Finland and one from Holland.

MFC is usully involved in several projects at once and try to get them to complement each other; therefore many projects are working together. MFC started doing technical projects such as solar cells, but quickly found out that they could not stand alone. Solar cell projects for example did not bring prosperity to the society in particular large extent, therefore, attempts are now being made with a little of everything, good governance, poverty reduction etc. Many funds will only support just the things that they deem best, for example, solar cells, thus MFC is trying to spread the projects out over several locations, so a village can participate in several projects at once.

Aside from being leader of MFC Ibrahim Togola is teaching at Bamako University in renewable energy from a practical background.