Gas Light in Copenhagen
 When Electricity came to Vangsaa
 History of the Radiator
 DC or AC Power - the rivalry between Edison and Tesla
 Sharing Economy
 Ecological Economics
 Carbide Lamps
 Energy Museum
 Renewable Energy Coloring Books
 The Gas Museum
 Draaben - Energy Saving Car from Tvind
 Movies about Renewable Energy
 Cooling in Developing Countries
 Companion Plants
 Denmark's Electricity History
 Energy Supply in Developing Countries
 Charcoal for Developing Countries
 Cob building
 Natural Soap Production
 Flying and Pollution
 Environmental History in Denmark
 Energy Crisis
 Artificial Meat
 Renewables 2010 Status Report
 Ecological Footprint
 Pedal Power
 Guerilla Gardening
 Energy from Lightning
 Climate Refugees
 Bottled Water
 Tar Sand
 Volcanic Energy
 Why Subsidazation of Fossil Fuels is a Bad Idea
 Fusion Energy
 Biodynamic Agriculture
 Combat Desertification
 Slow Money
 Nuclear energy
 Endocrine Disrupters
 Life without Money
 Vertical Farming
 Transition Towns
 Geo Engineering
 Energy Harvesting
 Energy City Skive
 Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
 Food and CO2
 Cradle to cradle
 Simple Living
 Energy Island Samsoe
 Energi City Frederikshavn
 The Stirling Engine
 Energy history
 Windturbines in headwind
 New book about Preben Maegaard published
 Energy Autonomy - new book by Hermann Scheer



Below is listed reports that provide valueable information about renewable energy and energy savings.

New reports will be added constantly at the top of the page.


IRENA rapport: Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014

REN21 Renewables 2014 Global Status Report

REN21 Renewables 2013 Global Status Report

IPCC Report 2013

German feed-in tariffs 2010

Time for Energy Democracy

Renewables Global Status Report 2010 

Renewable Energy Services for Developing Countries

Danish Wind Power Export and Cost

Renewable Energy Snapshots 2010

The German Renewable Energy Law 2009

Renewable Revolution Report 2009

UK introduces feed-in tariffs for renewable energy with differentiated guaranteed prices for up to 25 years

Beyond Copenhagen: Common Ownership, Reparations, Degrowth and Renewable Energy Technology Transfer. Article by Kolya Abramsky 

CCS: Aber wohin mit dem CO2?

Die Flügel sind der Kern des Ganzen

Wind Energy Development and Application Prospects of Non-Grid-Connected Wind Power 

Renewables Global Status Report 2009

Wind Power Growth  

World Market Forecast Offshore Wind Turbines 

Energy Statistics Manual

Key World Energy Statistics 2008 

EEG - The Renewable Energy Sources Act 

Current Status and Future Prospects of World's Renewable Energy


The Outlook for Energy - A View to 2030

Danish Energy Policy 1976 - 2001