Optagelseskriterier til NEC.


De nedenstående spørgsmål er de 55 spørgsmål, som man skulle besvare, når man søgte om optagelse på NEC.

Spørgsmålene siger en del om at der var tale om en anderledes skoleform end de fleste andre skoler.

Spørgsmålene er renskrevet fra håndskrift fra Aage Rosendal Nielsens NEC materiale af arkivformidler Inge Søe Larsen.



1. What is a question?
2. What is your full name, permanent address and telephone?
3. What is an answer?
4. What is your passport, when and where were you born?
5. How many are in your family, where do your parents live, what do they do, and what is their telephone number?
6. What feelings do you have about your home and your first years of life?
7. Where have you gone to school, and what did you do (really) at your different schools?
8. What else have you done?
9. What ambitions do you have for your life?
10. How did you learn about us?
11. In what ways are you not trustworthy?
12. What can you say about what you want to do with us?
13. Are you interested in a degree program? Then please describe it.
14. In what ways are you rich?
15. And poor?
16. How would you like to earn your daily bread?
17. What is money?
18. How will you pay for your stay with us, and when?
19. What is a decision?
20. Are you willing to learn to speak publicly while you are here?
21. How will you make clear that you support what others are doing?
22. What do you want the world to be like after you have left it?
23. Where will you be then?
24. What do you know?
25. What else do you want to know?
26. Under what circumstances do people scare you?
27. How beautiful is your anger?
28. Why do you answer questions which are irrelevant to you?
29. What don’t you want us to know about you?
30. What is a world university?
31. What is infatuation?
32. Are you afraid of the dark?
33. What is darkness?
34. How well do you cry?
35. How do you want to be known?
36. How are your godlike?
37. When are you most helpless?
38. How are you learning to take in your suffering?
39. How many times have you stolen?
40. When did you do it for the first time?
41. When are you most happy?
42. How often do you fight with your family?
43. Do they know that they are better than you?
44. What is your favourite dish?
45. Can you prepare it yourself?
46. What kind of morals do you have?
47. How sneaky can you be?
48. Do you like to sing together with others?
49. Why are you such a good person?
50. How much can we count on you to help anyone here whether you like or dislike or agree or disagree with that person?
51. Will you put a picture of yourself here?
52. What relevant questions have we not asked you?
53. How did it help you to answer these questions?
54. When do you want to come?
55. How are you glad today?

Send to:
 New Experimental College
 Skyum Bjerge 7752 Snedsted
 Thy, Denmark

 Together with 100 kroner
 Or 15 dollars
 As application fee.